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Van Den Eynde

Van Den Eynde Supercup Groundbait

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Van Den Eynde Supercup Groundbait

If you’re looking for a top quality groundbait then you cannot go wrong with one produced by one of the biggest groundbait manufacturers in Europe. Van Den Eynde is a company with a prestigious groundbait manufacturing heritage and it was founded in the 1970s by world champion Belgian international, Marcel van den Eynde. Match fishing was in Marcel’s blood, having taken an interest in the sport in his early school years, and he was taken under the wing of a local angler who spotted this young talent. Luckily, his talent for ground bait making was second only to his angling ability and Marcel put all his knowledge into the production of the company’s early groundbaits. However, other the than the high standard of bait, the Van Den Eynde of the 1970s is incomparable to the company of today. What was once a one-man operation now has countless staff, designing and manufacturing in excess of 100 own-brand groundbaits for sale across Europe, South Africa, and America.

This Van Den Eynde Supercup Groundbait is just one of these exceptional products with a global reach. Designed with roach, rudd, bream, and hybrids in mind, this is an ideal all-round match fishing bait which is perfect for use in canals, small lakes, and slow moving rivers. It is Essex Counter skipper Kim Milsom’s favourite bait when he’s fishing for roach, although he has also head success when targeting skimmers, perch, and tench. The sweet aroma of this boat also makes it appealing to bream and carp, particularly if you’re angling in the colder seasons. This is a lightweight mix which offers versatile uses across the discipline and it boasts an effective cloud when mixed sloppy for fishing on the drop.

There are multiple ways you can mix the Van Den Eynde Supercup Groundbait in order to achieve devastating effects. Firstly you can mix, as has already been suggested, on the sloppy side. This is perfect for fishing in deep swims on running water, as it leaves a lasting cloud which draws the fish in towards you. However, you can also mix this on the dry side, squeezing out the majority of the liquid before throwing or cupping it into the water. This produces a quick sinking bait that breaks down quickly when it hits your venue bed. This method is ideal to use in up to 10ft of water and it is particular effective as a boilie alternative when you’re fishing on a slopping bottom as this bait is at no risk of rolling away from your terminal tackle.

For the best results when you’re creating your own Van Den Eynde groundbait concoctions it is recommended that you place any dry groundbait and additives in a specialist groundbait bowl (riddling the mixture first if required) before adding any liquids. This ends that you have a good mix of your bait and additives before they form together, giving you uniformity of effect when you come to use your groundbait. Set your finished mix aside for between five and 10 minutes when you’re confident you’ve mixed it thoroughly – you might find you need to add an additional splash of liquid before use.

The Van Den Eynde Supercup Groundbait comes in a dark red colour. This is excellent for use in clear waters, when you want to tempt the smaller prey species out over your bait to fish, as it ensures that their dark bodies to not stand out to predators that might be above them. It comes in 1kg bags, which are perfect for the average match fishing angler.




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