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MAP Embed Feeders

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No matter how you load a method-style feeder, you never quite know what happens to your hookbait
underneath the surface. Hookbaits can be displaced on impact when the feeder hits the water, or
moved off the ‘dinner plate’ by fish’s tails when the bait inside the feeder has softened after being
submerged. The importance of having your hookbait positioned correctly can’t be understated,
especially during winter when you are waiting longer for a bite.
The Embed Feeder is the solution to this problem.
The Embed Feeder features a soft, line-friendly grip that retains the hooklength to ensure it remains in
place, the ultimate in perfect bait presentation! As bait on the feeder breaks down or becomes loose,
the hookbait will stay in position, meaning it’s always in the primary position to be sucked in by fish.
The slotted rubber grip also allows you to adjust the length of hooklength within the feed to tailor the
setup to how fish are feeding or how you want the hookbait to react, perfect for wafters and pop-ups
where you want to control bait movement. When a fish takes the bait, the line will pull from the grip,
engaging against the feeder to set the hook in a totally fish-safe manner.
Of course, the Embed Feeder can be fished conventional style by either leaving the hook length
outside the feeder or by not utilising the rubber grip.

Our in-house design and develop ment team have created a feeder that is front loaded to ensure accurate
casting no matter the range, with maximum range achievable every time.
The Embed Feeder features a sloped base that creates less water displacement when the feeder lands on
the water’s surface. This not only protects the bait within the feeder from being dislodged on impact with
the water, but also less noise.
The tapered base vents on the feeder are another clever design feature; they feature an angled surface that
opposes the direction that the feeder travels through the water, minimising water pressure to prevent the
groundbait or pellets being forced off as the feeder falls sub-surface.
The deep sides mean you can form a bed of bait, with the hookbait positioned on top, and it is still highly
aerodynamic to aid casting accuracy.
Each Embed Feeder is based around an interchangeable design, meaning feeder bodies can be changed
easily so you can adapt to condition or feeding habits quickly without the need to disassemble the rig.
The inline design is also fish-safe with two stem lengths available to suit short and long range fishing.
Hooklengths are attached via our unique connector, supplied with every Embed Feeder.





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