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Guru Rive RSW Seat Box

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We’ve maintained an excellent relationship with Rive in recent years, theworld renowned seatbox and accessory brand! Our collaboration has enabled us to further develop our new top-end flagship seatbox that is a new concept of Rive style boxes; welcome the RSW!
This latest box has a brand-new oversized seat. It offers optimum comfort and has a new unique shape that supports the back and anglersposture for ultimate comfort and minimal back strain. The seat is handmade in Strasbourg from the highest quality materials, making it waterproof and extra durable to stand the test of time from the most demanding anglers.The seatbox as a wholehas anew waterproof system, which is all based on the RS2 template. Seatboxes taking on small amounts of water in adverse conditions has been a problem throughout many brands and seatbox concepts over the years. The new fully sealed system of the draws and trays on the RSW prevents this. All traysand draws are now 100 per cent waterproof, protecting all tackle and rigs within.Alongside waterproofing, the new tray concept of the RSW also means the system has zero play or movement,offering a superstable seatbox station. Four 36mm telescopic legs, plus two standard, along with the HSP footplate and non-slip footplate cover give the box incredible overall security, even when wading and fishing from steep and uneven banks. There is no rattle, give, or gaps in any part of the system to create movement!The new tray, draw and accessory systems feature new built-in catches. These are easy to use and can be located very quickly with fingers. The catches don’t snap off or get caught-up being internal, and they feature cool on-brand orange locators. The fact they are internal means it’s also difficult to get things like line, rigs and hooks caught up in and around them. The draws are made from heavy-duty reenforced impact-proof plastic that is lightweight, but capable of holding heavy weight and withstanding the demands of modern-day anglers. All drawsfeature a new press-lock system, meaning there are no handles and catches to break, snap-off or get in the way, and you simply press the draw to open and access, before doing the same to close and lock it. On the back of the box, you can’t miss the bespoke Guru backplatewhich is a unique on-brand design that looks the absolute nuts! This is a super durable part of the system, and one that cosmetically shows off the seatbox in all its glory. When people are buying a top-end tool like this, of course it needs to look the part too! The carousel under the box features a tray that things can be stored on during fishing when the stacker is removed. The stacker itself clicks in securely with a new magnetic system and can be removed from the sides of the seatbox rather than the front. This makes inserting the stacker quicker, easier, and more versatile -you can access it while sat on the box, through the sides when in vehicles or on a loaded trolleyfor example. For those anglers that already have a lot of original rive winder trays, there is also a conversion system allowing them to use the original trays with the new concept.




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