• Korda Hybrid Stiff 20lb Gravel Brown 20m Coated Braid

Hybrid Stiff is THE coated hook link for use over clean lake beds. Its super-stiff, camouflaged coating helps kick your hook bait away from the lead every cast, to ensure perfect presentation. As such, its perfect for use with light baits such as pop-ups or wafters. The two versions, weedy green and gravel brown, have been chosen to blend with most lake bed conditions.

We recommend that the Hybrid Stiff is used in conjunction with two key Korda tools, the Strippa Tool and the Krimping Tool. The Strippa Tool allows easy stripping of the tough, stiff coating and the Krimping Tool can be used to attach a Link Loop, which can be quickly attached and detached from a Kwik Link when changing rigs.

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Korda Hybrid Stiff 20lb Gravel Brown 20m Coated Braid

  • Brand: Korda
  • Product Code: KHY--
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  • £13.99

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