• Korda Choddy Barbed Hooks

This hook was designed primarily for use with the popular chod and hinged stiff rig presentations, alongside a stiff filament like Mouth Trap. However, its appeal doesn't end there, it's a super all-round pop-up hook, which can be used with rigs like Darrell Peck's N-Trap pop-up rig, as well as Tom Dove's N-Trap bottom-bait rig. To allow the sweeping curve of the chod rig to continue unhindered up onto the hook, the Choddy has an out-turned eye. The rest of it's shape is based around the magical dimension of the iconic Wide Gape pattern, with all its attendant hold-and-hold capabilities.

The Choddy is thicker in the wire than the standard Wide Gape, which makes it perfect for the biggest carp in the world. Darrell Peck has landed fish to over 70lb on the size-eights, which gives you an insight into the incredible properties that this hook possesses.

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Korda Choddy Barbed Hooks

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